Credits and Lyrics

Vocals: Gannon Sims, Leah Jackson, Reedema Rock and the Fredericksburg Gospel Fest Choir

Keyboard: Nathaniel Rucker, Roy Wright and Elaine Ramos

Acoustic Guitar: Connor Janney

Electric Guitar: Justin Hernandez

Bass: Adam Hart, Kwadwo, Burgee

Drums: Brent Hernandez, Dee Barrios and Marietto Jefferies

Mr. Jefferies appears courtesy of Potomac Rising

© 2017 Created Space Music (ASCAP)


Swirling in the vast expanse
Transcending time as they dance
Touching heaven, touching earth
Reaching out, giving birth


Almighty God, to Whom all hearts are open
Almighty God, to Whom desires are known
Almighty God, from Whom no secrets are hidden
Cleanse our thoughts by your Spirit


Kyrie, Kyrie Eleison
Lord have mercy on us
Forgive us for our willfulness
For our careless words and thoughts


Hail, O favored one;
The Lord is with you.
Fear not, O favored one;
The Lord is with you.

You Have Heard our Tears

You have heard our tears,
You have heard our tears
The tears children have shed in silence;
Tears when there was no one to hear;


I see the Lord seated on the throne
The hem of his robe fills the temple,
And with covered eyes as the Seraph flies
Crying out, crying out to the other.

Bearing Witness

We yield our life over to you, Lord.
As an act of praise, submit more and more;
As an act of praise, we notice your poor
pledging our energy on their behalf.

Fully Alive

I'm running fast,
I'm jumping high,
I'm standing tall,
Reaching up to the sky,

The Compline Hymn

All praise to Thee my God this night,
For all the blessings of the light;
Keep me O keep us King of Kings,
Beneath Thine almighty wings