Photo credit: Brian Goulet


Fig by Carey Sims

"For the glory of God is the living man and the living man is the vision of God."

- St. Irenaeus of Lyons

St. Irenaeus was combating gnosticism, the age-old myth of body/bad, soul/good. If living man is the vision of God, then there really can be no distinction between the two.

The Scriptures tell us that we are God’s workmanship—God’s poiema, God’s poems. When we open ourselves to the possibility that we are God’s vision and God’s poems, we become more attentive to life as a beautiful gift. Liturgy, the word used to describe the pattern of Christian worship, is a demonstration of this gift. Liturgy is “the work of the people.” It’s sharing with others in God’s glory and God’s gift. The act of physical participation in the divine separates liturgy from mere ritual.

Fully Alive was recorded live on the liturgical Feast of the Annunciation, the day Christians celebrate the angel Gabriel’s announcement to Mary that her body would bear a son. The Son is the ultimate vision of God and he is our invitation to become fully alive.

A compilation like this has been in my head and on my heart for years. It’s a live album—truly a work of the people. The songs are not final versions. My hope is that they will be adapted again and again.

Special thanks to Nathaniel for taking an interest in these songs and for making so many of them come to life. To Elaine for your powerful witness and courageous leadership of Gospel Fest. To Royster for teaching me to manage the white space, to Luke for sharing the figs and to Connor, Justin, Adam, Brent and Kent for your partnership. Thanks to Bryce for giving birth to Catalyst and for your painstaking hours in the studio. Mixing live is no small task and you’ve done it brilliantly. This project is dedicated Carey, my partner and bride. You teach me to be fully alive.